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HCFA PAC has many series and models, supports the IEC61131-3 programming standard, and fully meets the automation and intelligence needs of factories, production lines and process control.

禾川IPC全部采用 Intel X86 处理器硬件平台,可选linux和Windows等操作系统,配置丰富的外设接口和可扩展的运动控制板卡等,可以实现多轴伺服控制,尤其适用于高速生产装备和大型设备的控制。

HCFA offers three series of high-performance small PLCs, A, R and M, covering everything from simple logic control to EtherCAT bus control, and ranks in the forefront of the market competitiveness of small PLCs.

HCFA HMI covers basic configuration control, Internet of Things control, drive integration and robot teaching. Through good UI interaction and complete communication protocols, users can easily deal with complex industrial equipment.

HCFA IO SYS has complete centralized and distributed modules, high protection products and general-purpose products, covering digital, analog, temperature, encoder, pulse positioning and stepper drives. Meet the all-round needs of users.

  • Servo Drive
  • Servo Motors

The HCFA drive product line is the fastest growing product line in Hechuan, especially the servo system and servo motor has become the most star-characterized product line of Hechuan. Maintaining the combination of high product quality and high cost performance, it has continuously achieved amazing results in the OEM field, and has become one of the representative brands of domestic drive products.

The X2/X6M series motor platform is a new generation of Hechuan IPM servo motor platform. It adopts a new architecture system and realizes small and lightweight design. It is suitable for 3C, photovoltaic, packaging, lithium battery, logistics, textile, laser, machine tools and other OEM industries.

  • VFDS


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